Go Flamingo

28th August 2010

Thank you so much for the Flamingoes tour. The whole day was fantastic, one of our best experiences in Mexico, and the guides are great both at Rio Lagartos and Ek Balam. All the best to you and your family, and we wish you the best of luck with an awesome business. Gracias

Patrick & Tim (UK)

Go Maya

30th July 2010

Thank you so much. Today was definitely a highlight of our Mexico trip. Even with the rain it was amazing. Also thank you for all your help and advice about the area and future trips. If I ever make it back to Mexico I will do another Mexigo Tour! Thank you!

Vicky & Paul (Canada)

Go Wonders

24th July 20102010

Thank you very much for an excellent tour to Chichen Itza. It was well worth getting there for 8 am - no crowds at all. We had a wonderful morning. Gracias.

Melissa & Sue (UK)

Go Flamingo

12th January 2011

Very good tour, warm welcome, and really nice guide. What do you want more to spend a beautiful day?

Hartelijk bedankt voor deze prachtige en boeiende dag. Veel geluk voor jullie drie. Dikke kusjes uit België.

Jérémie & Chalitta (Brussels, Belgium)

Go Wonders

22nd June 2010

We had a wonderful time! We were able to see Chitchen Itza and had the place to ourselves! The cenote was the perfect way to cool down after Chichen and lunch was delicious.

Izamal was also really interesting. Thank you so much for such a wonderful day!

Caroline & Dan (USA)

Go Flamingo

10th June 2010

A fantastic day - saw many flamingos and herons. (Black Hawk, Boat Heron, Tiger Heron, Green Heron). Floated in the dead sea and took the Mayan bath. Thank you for a wonderful day!

Tamara & Ruby (USA)

Go Flamingo

09th June 2010

A really good day - thousands of flamingoes. A varied day too with mud bath & Ek Balam. Excellent hosts + guides

Adrian (England)

Go Flamingo

08th June 2010

Thank you so much! I had a great time at the Go flamingo tour! The tour was practically private (+ peop max!). We saw thousands of flamencos and had a great laugh with Mayan baths. The Ek Balam ruins were amazing!

David-Alex (Quebec, Canada)

Go Maya

13th April 2010

An incredible day and absolutely worth it. We experienced things with 'Go Maya' that we would not have had a chance to experience by ourselves. Definitely would recommend to anyone who would like to experience Mayan culture and locals first hand.

Steph & Caroline (Canada)

Go Flamingo

5th April 2010

It is a definite "do again"!!! We will be back. A wonderful day.

Charles (Québec, Canada)