Go Flamingo

21st December 2010

We went on the "Go Flamingo" Tour and had a great time. Tons of flamingos and about 400 other species. Well, not quite 400. Ek Balam was also spectacular. Two thumbs up!

Adam & Jen (Texas, USA)

Go Snake

18th December 2010

If you relish adventure, then go on Go Snake. Bats, snakes, snakes eating bats, bike ride in the dark, blind prehistoric fish, and fossils. Not to mention the historic towns and churches along the way. Educational and thrilling - you won't be disappointed. Toon is a fantastic guide. And Vivyana for Go Maya is a must. Two adventures in one! Can't wait to return + to recommend Mexigo to anyone visiting Valladolid.

Donna (New York, USA)

Go Wonders

15th December 2010

Thank you for the excellent guide Renee at Chichen Itzá. She was very informed and gave us fascinating insights beyond what we expected of a guide! She explained the history of the site as well as answered all our numerous questions including where to eat, the history of the archeological digs etc.

Francesca & Andrea

Go Flamingo

15th December 2010

Thanks, Toon, for a memorable day in the Yucatan! We'll come back next year - and I'll stil be covered in mud. Unreal flamingoes. Gracias

We had a good tour and a nice talk - please ask Toon to finish a joke about a Belgian, a Mexican and a Italian walking into a bar. Enjoy the mud in Rio Lagartos.

Jeanette & Super Dave (Wisconsin, USA)

Go Snake

9th December 2010

This is our second year coming to Valladolid for vacation. We did every tour Mexigo offered last year and had so much FUN that we decided to come back again this year!! We did the -Go Snake- tour this time and it was AMAZING. It was a true adventure that we will not forget. Toon and Vivyana really know the area well and research the trips well. We are definitely considering visiting again.

Linda & Bill (Florida, USA)

Go Maya

25th November 2010

Tom & Viviana, thank you for your wonderful tour: it was the best experience yet in Mexico. We really enjoyed meeting the Mayan people. We will be making many tortillas at home now. Gracias.

Molly & Jay (Santos, Brasil)

Go Monkey

22nd November 2010

Toon and Vivyana, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting you both and the tour was amazing, well- planned and well executed. Nice Mix of history, environmental and nature. Toon was just wonderful as a companion and tour guide.

Mexigo is very professionally run and we would highly recommend it.

Rachel & Diana (Seattle Washington, USA)

Go Flamingo

21st November 2010

It was a nice tour day, all the places we visited. Thank you for making our day beautiful.

Aracely (Uruguay)

Go Flamingo

21st November 2010

Thank you for a great day. We loved every part of it from the egrets to flamingos to ruins to the history. Muy Bien, Perfecto. Hope to see you again.

Amy & Brian (Seattle Washington, USA)

Go Monkey

27th October 2010

Toon, thanks so much for two very special tours. We especially enjoyed the howler + spider monkey tour to Punta Laguna. Until next time! Hasta Luego!

Kathy & Jim (Oregon, USA)