Go Flamingo & Go Wonders

22nd January 2011

We enjoyed a perfect day today on the Go Flamingo tour with Toon. it's a bit hard to add something original to all the well deserved accolades others have written before me. But not impossible, I'm sure. Intelligent, warm, friendly, humorous, educated, considerate guide to fascinating places. We have 2 more days here in Valladolid so we can only go on two more outings with MexiGo, but I'll be back some day to try the rest

Sheila (USA)

Go Flamingo

22nd January 2011

Today we did Go Flamingo and had many first experiences. Our delight with the birds was only matched by the excellent care from Antonio and the other guides Ek Balam was a fabulous surprise and the church at Uayma was a fantastic blend of three cultures. Awesome day.

Colleen & Filippo (USA & Italy)

Go Wonders & Go Maya & Go Flamingo

12th January 2011

Go Wonders, Go Maya, Go Flamingo - 3 wonderful days full of information, mystic Maya stories, exercise, delicious food, inspiring people - and sooo much fun! Thank you so much for making our stay in Valladolid unforgettable. Viviana, Roberto, Toon - all the best for you and your business, stay the way you are!!!

Annie & Gabriel (Canada - Germany)

Go Flamingo

6th January 2011

We had a great time on the Flamingo tour! Although we are no birdwatchers, the birds were truly beautiful, as well as the trees and scenery. The restaurant we ate at & the guide at Ek Balam were great. This tour is truly the only way to see so many great things in one day.

Malka & Michele (Chicago, USA)

Go Snake & Go Maya

31st December 2010

What a beautiful way to spend Xmas and New Years Eve in Valladolid with Mexigo! If you want to meet people with nice hearts and have wonderful experiences, I would strongly recommend joining Viviana & Toon for visiting the places on their list. These guys are not tour operators, they are people with passion, vision, enthusiasm and you are here to share their environment. We met them in 2009 and looked forward to coming back to Valladolid to take tours with them. They are for the people in the villages, for the environment, and for the tourists. We look forward to coming back to Valladolid and do all the tours again! Flamingos, monkeys, snakes, bats, bikes, what will be next??? I agree! Big smile!

Sarap & Peter (British Columbia, Canada)

Go Flamingo

30th December 2010

Go Flamingo! A wonderful day on boat and in mud and on ruins. Really great! The "dead sea" swim was the best. Thanks!

Jenene & Josh (NYC, USA)

Go Maya

27th December 2010

Easily the most memorable day we've had on our vacation. We loved being immersed in the local Maya culture. Vivyana was an amazing guide who made exploring the cenotes of the area even more enjoyable. Thanks for the fabulous time.

Wendi, Paul, Daniel & Jonathan (Ontario, Canada)

Go Maya

26th December 2010

We had a fantastic day with Vivyana. She is a great guide, knowledgeable and friendly! The Maya families were extremely hospitable and we ate great food there. We had tamales, a delicious corn and chicken dish. The cenotes were great fun too. We saw hundreds of bats flying out of one of them at sunset.

Teresa (California, USA) & Nicolas (Switzerland)

Go Maya

25th December 2010

We had a fantastic trip and it was amazing to see the Mayan culture, thank you for taking us to see this. And thanks for being an awesome guide, well worth doing for our Christmas in Mexico.

Muchas gracias!

Emma & Hamish (New Zealand)

Go Maya

25th December 2010

What an education in Mayan culture along with a great ride and a super guide. I will do it again.

Dennis (Florida, USA)