Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit the flamingos in Rio Lagartos?

The whole year flamingos are present in Ria Lagartos. Every month of the year is a good month to visit this biosphere. In the months of October till March you will see a good combination of migratory birds, local birds and flamingos. From April till September you almost won´t see migratory birds, but you´ll see more flamingos.

How close can we get to the flamingos?

We care about the flamingos. We give you binoculars on the tour, so you can appreciate their beauty even more without disturbing them. We respect a minimum distance of 50 to 100m/y not to bother them while they are eating. They are feeding themselves for about 12 hours a day. Only the fact of flying away, requires a lot of energy for them. We understand that its beautiful to see them flying, but if we scare them, we disturb their habitat. Unfortunately not all local boatcompanies respect this vital rule.

We recommend you to bring a good zoom camera.