About us


Welcome to our website. On the website you will find detailed information about the tours we offer.

We are a family company. Vivyana and Gilberto are Mexican, Toon is Belgian. Together we speak four languages fluently and understand German. So if you have questions, you can send us an e-mail in English, French, Spanish, German or Dutch.

We love to travel, and fortunately we've seen a good part of the world. We decided to stay in Valladolid because it has really everything to make a perfect vacation. We assure you, once you get to know the real Valladolid, you will want to stay longer. You won't regret your stay. It has so much to offer and it isn't touristy yet.

It is a typical Mexican laid back colonial town and the most central place of the Yucatan Peninsula from where you can discover its beauties: Chichén Itzá (one of the 7 new world wonders) and Ek Balam (the 8th wonder if you ask us), Ría Lagartos and Punta Laguna (nature paradises), its amazingly beautiful cenotes (sinkholes) and convents, and not to forget its very friendly people!

We offer personalized guided daytours to these and other places, from Valladolid. 2 tours are by bike and the others with a van of max 14 people (see picture). On every tour we try to give o good mix of archeology, people, nature and/or colonial buildings.

The tours are accessible for all ages, except the Go Snake (11 - 65) and Go Maya (8+).

We also try to avoid the big buses.

With these tours by vehicle, bicycle or walking, you will have a better insight in the Mayan culture.

A culture that still exists after hundreds of years. We want to inform you and take part in their culture. On every tour we support the local people in a sustainable way. This could be a Mayan community or even the local guide. By taking a tour you are supporting them too.

Besides this, end of 2010 we started a Maya donation program.

People are very important to us. That´s why we want to give you the best of ourselves in a personalized service. This is only possible with small groups, where everybody deserves a personal attention and where you feel comfortable and can talk or ask us about what you want. We want you to feel home on vacation.

Every tour is a journey full of impressions and we want you to go home satisfied, with a unique experience in your mind.

Looking forward to see you,

Vivyana, Gilberto, John & Toon